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An international presence

The Mr Bricolage group is established in 4 continents with 60 stores.

"Our aim is to find the best positioning on each market by providing our know-how for our partners. " Yves Puddu,International development manager.
Despite the international crisis, the Group has continued with its development: 3 new stores were opened in 2010. Turnover for stores established abroad represented 192.5 million euros in 2010 (excluding Overseas).

Our stores around the world

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Belgium: a new driving force gives results

The Group could boast 36 stores in Belgium at end-2011. On this highly competitive market, sales have climbed substantially, including for equivalent surface area, thanks to special offers, product combinations and a quality range launched from 2008. Many new stores were opened in 2010 and 2011. Other independent stores will switch store name in 2012. Turnover including V.A.T. of €83.5M in 2010: + 7.2%.


Doverie Brico operates 10 stores under the Mr Bricolage store name in Bulgaria. The Group focuses on the renovation of current stores. This region of Europe has been strongly affected by the crisis. Our partner is also in charge of the development of the store name in Serbia, where it already operates 2 stores, and in Macedonia, where its first ever store is due to open shortly. Turnover including V.A.T. of €60M in 2010: - 14.7 %

Romania: a confirmed success

The 3 Romanian stores must face up to reinforced competition and a tougher market, particularly due to the international crisis. Our partner is concentrating on controlling margins and improving results. A store was opened in 2010 with a turnover including V.A.T. of €20.4M for 2010: + 6.3%

Serbia: a third opening

The first store was opened in Nish on 1st December 2009. In view of its success, a second store was opened in Novi Sad in 2010. A third store opened in Belgrade at end-2011.

Morocco: a still-healthy market

After confirming the presence of its store in Casablanca, opened in May 2005, and in Marrakech, opened in April 2008, the Group successfully opened a third store with a surface area of 2,800 m² in February 2011 in Tangier. The market remains healthy with a large European population renovating the ryads and fitting out luxury new constructions. Store sales have recorded a two-figure increase. A 4th store is planned in Agadir, with opening early-2012. Turnover including V.A.T. of €10,6M in 2010: +10.4%.


Mr Bricolage already operates 7 stores in the Indian Ocean and opened its first store in Mauritius at Trianon on 2 May 2008, with a surface area of 2,600 m². Substantial demographic and economic changes, and the clear intention of the Mauritius government to boost private initiatives confirmed our partner's plans to set up and develop the store on Mauritius. Turnover including V.A.T. of €2,4M in 2010: +33.3%.


The two current stores in Uruguay have recently been remodelled, improving sales for 2010. Turnover including V.A.T. of €3,4M in 2010: +34.5%.


Most of the customers for this town-centre store with a surface area of 1,117m² live in the town. The store is cosy and friendly thanks to its small size. Turnover including V.A.T. of €3,6M in 2010: + 1.7%.


The store in Madagascar is located at Antananarivo, the capital of the country. The store recorded a turnover including V.A.T. of €1.43M in 2010, up by 4.7% vs. 2009.

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